Ivanka in English

I’m a member of the city council in Vaasa (since 2012->) and I want to make this city and region even better place to live in.


I was born in Macedonia and with my childhood family I moved to Finland as an asylum seeker in 1992. Today my family consists of my husband and our little son. I have MA in Education, main field Lifelong Learning and Education, specialising in Governance and Politics in Education. I have over ten years of work experience in vocational and university education as a coordinator,  education developer and teacher. My hobbies are yoga and music. Also I’m volunteering in Vaasan seudun Auroras -verkosto. There I’m a member of working life mentoring steering group. Also I’m a mentor.


The residents should have possibilities to contribute the issues being resolved in Vaasa through participatory democracy. The decision making must be transparent and open and the council has to represent Vaasa as a miniature. That’s why there has to be people living the busy life with small children represented in the city council. In the future Vaasa I want things to be made sustainable and all the residents being treated equally. As a member of the city council I’m pledged to finish the issues I feel important.


As a member of the city council I have done versatile work, such as:
  • Among other I’m a member of the Technical Board in Vaasa.
  • As a representative from Vaasa and a member of the Vaasa Hospital Distric council I have worked for Vasa central hospital to continue to be full emergency hospital. The Greens have supported locally and nationally 12+1 model.
  • The ambitious energy and climate –programme of Vaasa (a member of the steering group)
  • The prevention of domestic violence (initiative)
  • The dimension of student welfare services: special needs education, school social workers, psychologists (initiative)
  • I have opposed the closing of libraries
  • To make the situation of dental care better (initiative)
  • Better culture supply and activities (initiative on Culture Strategy)
  • The openness and transparency into the decision making: good way of governance, good leadership, developing the democracy (in different combinations)
  • Proposed resolution to delete the health center fees (the council)
  • Good city planning: the protection issues must be attended, dense urban structure, fluent planning (a member of the Urban planning)
  • To evaluate better and from the different points of view the impacts of the issues and actions which are under consideration (initiative)
  • The city of Vaasa as a trailblazer in climate issues (initiative on rational investments)
  • The development of Ristinummi ESR-project (a member of the city development- team)
  • Making the operations in Vaasa city more rational: fluent processes, better ways to operate, better governance instructions, accountability, co-operation over the sector boundaries (in different assemblies)